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Pegasus httpd 2.1 Specification


Last Update: 2005/04/22

The difference between Pegasus 2.0 and 2.1 is small. Therefore I will explain only the difference.
Look http://plan9.aichi-u.ac.jp/pegasus/eman-2.0/ for Pegasus 2.0.


Pegasus 2.0 logged the IPs of excessive access to /sys/log/blacklist and then rejected them until pegasus is rebooted.
Pegasus 2.1 changed this specification. Now Pegasus rejects them only three minutes. You can configure the time in
by changing the variable "lockouttime" .

The bellow is a part of the file:

# maxconnect      30      # max connections by a single remote IP
# obstime               3       # observation time to detect burst access (in unit of sec)
# maxaccess     20      # allowed max access in obstime
# lockouttime   180     # lockouttime for maxconnect and maxaccess  (in unit of

Those IPs of excessive access are logged as they has been.

mon is changed much

Pegasus 2.1 does not require password of user web.
For more details look mon.


Now Plan 9 can make certificate.
Please read Plan 9 manual for details.

MP3 and MP4

I added some codes so that MP3 and MP4 can work.
Please add the following data to /sys/lib/mimetype if you want to try:
.mp3            audio           mpeg           -        y      # Kenar
.mp4            video           mp4            -        y      # Kenar
where "# Kenar" is my comment. You don't need to add them.

According to my experiments, they can work well in my home LAN.
However downloading from my University to my home had a problem, that is, data paused sometimes.
Beware your computer might be in overload if you allow much access to MP3 or MP4 data.

source files

You will find the source files of Pegasus 2.1 at

example file structure

You will find the example file structure of Pegasus 2.1 at
The contents are almost the same as those of Pegasus 2.0.