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2015/03/19 (v.3.1)
2014/11/23 (v.3.0)
2014/10/30 (v.2.1)
2007/10/16 (v.1.1)

Summary Of Update




What Is Remoty ?


Remoty is a home page management tool that runs on Plan9/Pegasus.
The user interface is based on web browser. Using Remoty we can do:

Note*: Ptt is a handy tool to create web pages. Look the document. You can find many many examples in this web site because all pages except very old ones are written using Ptt.
  Ptt converts “foo.tt” to “foo.html”. Original “tt” files are left on this site, therefore you can get them using the URL, for example, “http://plan9.aichi-u.ac.jp/index.tt”.

Text Editing on Server

One of screen shots is shown below.

Fig.1: one of the screen shots

Remoty supports neat text editor that enables

The menu will be shown if you click “more” on the right-top corner of the window.

Fig.2: screen shot of “more”

NOTE: For English menu, replace:

File management

Remoty support GUI operation for primer.

Fig.3: file management screen.

The directory menu contains:

Drag&Drop Upload

Drop a file to the left area that lists files.
Dropping of multiple files is supported. (ver.3.1)
Directory dropping is not supported.
If there is a file of same name in the dropping area, then the alert panel inquires to stop or to continue.

Fig.4: Drag&Drop

Command Execution

You can execute system command using shell script.
Therefore it is possible to execute complex command.

Fig.5: screen shot of the command execution.

Interface to Ptt

Remoty has a interface to Ptt.


The Source

Remoty is located at


The following entry is required in CGI handler.

/remoty/*   -		+	/bin/remoty /doc

Don't foreget to set password to remoty.


For remoty to work, you need

where “ptt” is a HTML builder written in Lua-5.2.

Since Remoty has many dependency and the installation is onerous,
I provided a command netget. Using this command we can install Remoty by a single command

netget -i remoty

Netget command is located in http:/netlib/netget/

Remoty uses “miniajax1.js” that is located at:

All executables must be seen in /bin, and miniajax1.js in /doc/lib/. They are all in httpd name space.
My case is shown as an example:


My case:
You need trailing “/”.

Browsers and Their Problems

The following browsers are known to work.


You may observe a message:
too many redirect
I observed this message on Safari and Opera.


not saved

Save menu in editing window may not work for spacial case.
(If save menu is working, you will see the letter “Remoty” moves a bit when saved.)
I observed this problem on Linux/Chrome.
Removing cache will resolve the problem.

Drag and Drop

Linux/Chrome: filereader formdata not supported

File upload from dir menu.

iPad/Safari does not upload files.